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Question: "How do I get my new Rack-Pack system up and running for the first time?" Solution: Your system was designed and pre-programmed to facilitate a seamless integration. We work behind the scenes to bring the system online from our remote location. Simply gather your internet provider password and account information and contact technical support through the chat room portal above.

Symptom: "System is locked up, frozen." Suggestion: Reboot the system. If the problem is recurring, contact us to assist with trouble shooting.

Symptom: "TV/Display, full pink/purple screen." Suggestion: Most likely the HDMI handshake between the TV and your system did not negotiate properly. Shut down the entire system, including your cable/dish receiver and the TV. Unplug the power transformer to the TV/Display for 60 seconds. Unplug the HDMI cable from the back of the AVR for 60 seconds. Reconnect both. Turn the entire system back on.

Symptom: "My remote is not working when I try and enter a command." Suggestion: Are the batteries inside the remote sufficiently charged? Is it time to replace them?